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720.550.8070 M-F 5:30am – 9pm | Sa & Su 6am – 2pm 7347 S. Revere Parkway Unit B-400 Centennial CO 80112 ( Get Directions )


" Performance training has multiple levels. My training is employed by enabling the body to withstand common forces while making the body more resilient to forces of the given sport. As I teach precise mechanics, I lead my athletes to increase the development of force (strength) and decrease the time it takes to produce that force (speed), thus, yielding greater efficiency with each effort. Superior resilience and efficiency in movement not only augments sport performance, it also allows athletes to undergo less strain in sport, and ultimately extend their athletic career."
- Loren Landow


There is no “off-season” in the NFL for the game’s top performers. With the new CBA, NFL athletes have more time in the off season to gain an edge so when they arrive back to the team they are in the best shape of their lives. Whether your player is a practice squad player trying to make the 53-man roster, a back-up player pushing for a starting job, or a current starter trying to become All- Pro, how he approaches his off-season training will help him achieve those goals.
A typical training schedule includes:
  • Speed and Power drills designed to enhance position specific movements
  • Positional workouts to help dial in technique to allow for better on the field transfer.
  • Metabolic Conditioning specific per position played. The goal is to individualize your conditioning based on the needs during game time.
  • Recovery and Regeneration daily and weekly strategies are set aside to help aid in the recovery process. Corrective exercises, myofascial maintenance strategies, active isolated mobility and MAT (muscle activation techniques) for regeneration and neuromuscular reset.


Mixed Martial Arts has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world!

Unfortunately, the training for this sport is behind the times and very archaic. Scientific methods must be the backbone of a successful career path. Performing at the highest level and adding years to your career is the ultimate goal. Developing athleticism while carefully planning programming and periodization (long term plan) as it fits to the individual to peak on the night of the fight.

Our MMA Program:
  • Postural evaluation to prevent chronic injuries
  • Postural restoration programming specific to your needs
  • Annual planning to maximize training through the year
  • Athletic profile to determine individual needs analysis
  • Speed and Agility training for better footwork and ability to attack
  • Strength and Power development to be more explosive than your opponent
  • Lactate Threshold Preparation (specific conditioning to compliment all the needs to be the quickest, most explosive and strongest fighter through a 3 round or 5 round bout.


Dry land training is essential to performance in the water.

Having a program that includes all the needs of strength, Power, Conditioning is key. From the start off the blocks to the turns off the wall and the endurance to finish the race strong there is not an element of training we won’t cover. More importantly a good dry land training should keep the athlete healthy to maximize training and competitions throughout the year. Our program is completely individual to each and every athlete as we take a “leave no stone un turned” approach.

Our Swimming Program:
  • Customized annual plan to peak for the main events of the season
  • Postural and movement screen to identify potential inefficiencies and possibly injury patterns
  • Nutritional guidance for racing success
  • Strength and Power training to maximize the push from the blocks and the turns.
  • Strength endurance to finish the race strong
  • Regeneration and Recovery strategies to facilitate training adaptation and taper into events


Spring Training is no longer the time to get in shape for the upcoming season, it is the time to show up ready to go.

Major League Baseball players need to train year-round to stay healthy for the lengthy 162 game schedule. Maximize your off-season by developing the qualities that make a better baseball player. Speed, Strength, Power, Agility, Mobility and position specific conditioning.
Preparing your body for the demands of the sport is critical for staying on the field. Stability training for the shoulder and trunk will not only give you great strength and power but will also provide the resilience needed for the demands of a long season.

MLB Program:
  • Postural/core evaluation
  • Postural restoration programming specific to your needs
  • Power development to increase arm velocity and bat speed
  • Speed development for faster 60 times and greater speed on the bases and in the field
  • Agility training for quicker first step and reaction while being more efficient on the field.
  • Mobility and stability training for greater flexibility to the sporting needs
  • ESD conditioning that is specific to your positional needs.
  • Restoration and recovery strategies to facilitate recovery after training and long road trips.
  • Nutritional guidance for more manageable playing weight
  • Individualized program and planning for the season
  • In season programming to keep you healthy and strong through the season.


Developing a better on-ice athlete is the critical reason for off-ice training.

Building strength, power, speed, agility, stability and mobility, proprioceptive awareness and Energy System Development are the key elements of our Hockey development program.
Individual evaluation and programming are essential to maximizing off season training. First-step quickness, lower body strength and power for greater skating speed, strong and stable core for shooting strength and the ability to bang into your opponent or absorb a hit. We need to prepare the body for the demands of a speed/power and collision-filled sport.

Hockey Program:
  • Postural Evaluation
  • Corrective exercise menu for elimination of chronic and acute injuries
  • Speed and Agility training for maximize stride length and frequency
  • Strength and power development for speed, reaction and ability to lay the big hit
  • Mobility and Stability for absorbing big hits into the boards and delivering big checks
  • Recovery and regeneration programming to facilitate recovery between practice, games or tournaments
  • Planning and periodization for optimal performance through the season into the post season
  • Nutritional guidance to maximize your training and proactive recovery


Black Diamond or Green Circle?

Regardless of what level skier you are, we have a program for you. From our evaluation process to our customized programming we can help you excel in the competitive season or the weekends with the family.
Strength, stability, flexibility and conditioning play a major role in ability but also in staying healthy through the season. Implementing my system of training will allow you greater quality of runs while on the slopes.

Our Ski Program:
  • Postural/core evaluation
  • Corrective exercise menu to eliminate chronic and acute injuries
  • Testing parameters to help determine a needs analysis for training priority
  • Strength and conditioning planning to maximize ability for priority events
  • ACL prevention training strategies
  • Activation menu to use prior to hitting the slopes
  • Recovery and regeneration tactics to facilitate quicker recovery
  • Nutritional guidance to maximize your energy for the high demands of the sport