720.550.8070 M-F 5:30am – 9pm | Sa & Su 6am – 2pm 7347 S. Revere Parkway Unit B-400 Centennial CO 80112 ( Get Directions )
720.550.8070 M-F 5:30am – 9pm | Sa & Su 6am – 2pm 7347 S. Revere Parkway Unit B-400 Centennial CO 80112 ( Get Directions )

SPORT & FITNESS PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT Sports performance training with Landow Performance. Stronger, Faster, Smarter Learn More runner RETURN TO SPORT POST REHAB Specific training strategies that not only teach athletes how to move faster and quicker, but also how to stay HEALTHY LEARN MORE

I Am a Professional Athlete .

Whether you’re an NFL hopeful training for the combine, or a gold medal winning Olympic athlete, Landow Performance has the expertise and experience to tailor a training regime geared towards your ultimate success.



Coach Landow has trained thousands of athletes of all ages and abilities, including over 700 professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, WNBA and Olympic medalists.



Our team provides every person with the opportunity to train in a state-of-the-art facility, in an environment that is motivating and successful to help you reach your fitness goals in life or sport.

The Pro the Pro’s Trust !


Strength and conditioning coach Loren Landow has trained thousands of athletes of all ages and abilities, including over 700 professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, WNBA and Olympic medalists.


Specific training strategies that not only teach athletes how to move faster and quicker, but also how to stay HEALTHY.

Whether you are looking a strength and conditioning coach for that transition from Physical Therapy to return to sport, or just getting back to activities of daily living, Landow Performance is the place for you.

Landow Performance Culture of Excellence

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The state-of-the-art Landow Performance Training Facility was designed by Loren Landow to accommodate any workout no matter what your sport or goal.



When I Lost All of My Excuses I Found Results


Landow Performance A Community Built Upon Excellence


We are a Team of Coaches With a Simple Philosophy: Maximize Human Performance


Loren Landow has athletically mentored and worked with some of the most respected professionals in sports, athletics and performance communities. Whether you’re a NFL hopeful training for the combine, a gold medal winning Olympic athlete, or a weekend warrior with personal goals-Landow Performance has the experience and expertise to tailor a training regime geared towards your ultimate success.


Our coaches are the best of the best. LP coaches are all degreed, certified and specialized in performance training.

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“Train to Win” is a term that Coach Landow uses to describe training for intent. While training athletes for athletic competitions, the outcome won’t always be a victory, First Place or a Gold Medal, yet the training intent must be on that focus. Coach Landow’s Continuing Education Program includes:
  • Training Philosophy
  • Pyramid of Success
  • Active Dynamic Warm Theory and Implementation
  • Acceleration Development
  • Top End Speed Development
  • Sport Speed for multi-direction sports
  • Agility and footwork for transfer
  • Plyometric progressions and implementation
  • Trunk training for performance and injury prevention
  • Metabolic strategies for specific conditioning for all sports
  • Olympic Lifting progressions
  • Programming and Periodization theory and application for optimal planning that focus.
  • If you are interested in signing up for Loren’s Mentorship please email Amber at amber@landowperformance.com
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  • LANDOW PERFOMANCE INTERNSHIPS: Landow Performance offers the opportunity to learn under the best coaches in the industry. LP will give you the opportunity to experience hands-on, individualized coaching with 1-on-1 training sessions and group/team sessions. Every intern will have the chance to coach athletes and individuals and become more familiar with program design and implementation of exercises. Interns will also have the chance to observe and assist a variety of professional athletes under the supervision of our qualified strength & conditioning coaches. Interns will be able to participate in any seminars/mentorships held at our facility during their time here with us. Landow Performance internships are scheduled according to academic semesters, summer vacations and are un-paid internships. Interns must fulfill the hours required by their school for credit completion. Fall Semester: (September - December) Deadline to apply is July 5th
    Spring Semester: (January - May) Deadline to apply is November 5th
    Summer Semester: (June - August) Deadline to apply is March 5th
    If you are interested in an internship position, please email and contact us today. All inquiries can be sent to Augustine Agyei (Internship Director) and Taylor Bradley (Assistant Internship Director) and a contact phone number for Augustine and Taylor is 720.550.8070
  • LANDOW PERFORMANCE SHADOWING: 720.550.8070 or by email amber@landowperformance.com
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    • Loren is one of the best trainers for many reasons. His willingness to work with a diversity of athletes’ types and his expertise in all phases of training are unprecedented. And what makes him so special is he is a way better person than trainer. He not only helped me start my NFL career, he helped me to revive it and most importantly keep it going. I am forever grateful for Loren Landow.

      Joel Dreessen
      TE Denver Broncos
    • Loren had me more than ready going into my Pro Day. My speed and explosiveness was at an all time high with the techniques and movements he prepared us with. The work with Mark Schlereth was priceless for me as an offensive lineman in preparation for Pro Day.

      Cody White
      OG Houston Texans
    • Loren is by far the best in the business when it comes to intelligent preparation for the NFL combine.He helped me realize and fulfill my potential in a matter of 6 weeks. I worked with Loren from the end of the college season, last year, up to the combine and I saw significant gains in all the major tests that we were put through. He helped me get bigger, stronger and faster all the while giving me insight into what to expect from the NFL scouts. Be prepared to work hard and don’t expect to be pampered. Loren is the real deal and training with him is the best investment you can make when it comes to your NFL career.

      Drake Dunsmore
      TE Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • I wasn’t a Combine invite but Loren gave me the attention and the tools I needed to be the best at Pro Day.At 285 lbs. scouts timed me in the 4.65-4.75 range in the 40-yard dash. My speed and explosiveness was at an all-time high when it mattered most!

      Greg Scruggs
      DE Seattle Seahawks
    • Loren had me very prepared for the NFL combine. Testing in the top of the WR class in 6 of the 7 measurable tests I was able to surpass my expectation. As a wide receiver, the mentoring Loren provided with Brandon Stokley and Ed McCaffery helped me solidify my position skills so I could best showcase my talents.

      Jerrell Jackson
      WR Houston Texans
    • I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Loren Landow for two years. He continually pushed me and allowed me to be in peak condition to be prepared to perform at my best. His innovative training techniques and creativity produced challenging programs that prepared me for each season. There is no one I trust more with training me to be at my best then Loren Landow!

      Brady Quinn
      QB Seattle Seahawks
    • Training with Loren has not only changed my body and made me physically stronger in way I could have never imagined, but has also made me mentally stronger than I ever thought I could have been. I have the best trainer in the world and an even better friend.

      Missy Franklin
      USA 4 Time Gold Medalist-London, 2012 and World Record Holder, 200 Meter Backstroke
    • I think the core group around me kept me believing in myself. It was hard to let yourself get discouraged being so close to Olympic Trials. Things were getting worse and worse, and at meets, I couldn’t final in my best event. It’s extremely discouraging to go from top to bottom.

      Loren Landow, Missy Franklin and my trainer, who is the best trainer in the world, really helped me.He was at Trials and warmed me up on the mat before my race. He had me believing I could do it; he knows me, and knew I was a fighter.

      The coaches from SwimMAC kept telling me I could do it. And at some point, I said, “You are right, I can do this. It was time to go, time to make the Olympic team. I was in such a good place mentally that I knew whatever happened would be okay because I was ready to give it my best effort; that being said, I was more surprised than anybody to finish the race and see the number “2” by my name.

      Kara Lynn Joyce
      The four - time Olympic medalist on turning around her career in 2012
    • I started training with Loren Landow right after I had my Achilles’ tendon repaired, working with him was one of the best decisions I ever made in my goal to compete in asecond Olympic Games. Going into the 2012 competitive gymnastics season I was in the best shape of my 16-year career. He creates custom work outs to cater to all of his clients making him one the best in the industry! Thanks for everything LL!

      Alicia Sacramone
      Team USA, Gymnastics
    • One of my advantages as a fighter I can always count on inside the octagon is my conditioning, speed and power and I get my confidence from training with Loren Landow. Powered by Landow!

      Brendan Schaub
      UFC Heavyweight UFC - Season 16 - The Ultimate Fighter
    • Training with Coach Landow for the past 6 months my explosiveness, strength and conditioning has truly been life changing.He has helped me build strength and stability in muscles that were weak due to priorinjuries.Every training session with coach Landow has a purpose and designed to build strength, power and endurance or how to properly recover my body. Training this way has helped me avoid serious injuries that are often seen in MMA with overtraining.

      Neil Magny
      UFC Welterweight, Season 16 - The Ultimate Fighter
    • Coach Landow is the top Strength and Conditioning coach across the board. His understanding of biomechanics translates to a faster, more explosive and stronger athlete.His core program is the best ever developed which translates to more force transferred through the body, resulting in me being one of the hardest hitters in MMA.

      Shane Carwin
      UFC Heavyweight
    • Loren is a genius when it comes to the science behind his work.He understands that I don’t go into the cage to lift weights and run sprints.I go into the cage to fight. My hardest training should mimic what I do in competition.

      Nate Marquardt
      Former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion and a three-time Pancrase Middleweight Champion
    • To get to work with Loren, at first seemed too good to be true. He had transformed so many athletes prior, I was excited for it to be my turn. I was amazed how easy, fun and calculated it was to reach my highest high as an athlete alongside such an incredible and inspiring person. Loren was more valuable then gold on the journey of reaching my success and I plan on having him as a coach, mentor, and friend for the rest of my life.

      Cat Zingano
      UFC #1 Contender-Bantamweight Head Coach -The Ultimate Fighter, Season 18
    • As a physician, I have the highest level of trust in Loren Landow. Not only have his methods provided incredible results, he has always provided an unparalleled degree of professionalism. I recommend his service of performance training to athletes of all levels: professional, elite, and amateur.

      Dr. Yani Zinis
      Team Physician Colorado Avalanche - 1996 to Present Head Team Physician USA Hockey Torino Olympics 2006 World Championships: 2007 Moscow -2012 Helsinki Results Fitness Center
    • Loren Landow is unquestionably one of the top human performance coaches in America…make that the World.Loren’s understanding of Biomechanics and movement help to be an elite professional in our field.Loren’s tremendous work ethic and attention to detail is second to none.It is an honor to have Loren as a friend and a professional associate.

      Doug Lentz
      MS, CSCS*D Director of Fitness Results Fitness Center Chambersbur, PAUS Women's Tennis Team
    • As a Physical Therapist treating high level athletes I need a Sports Performance coach that can take these athletes from the rehabilitation phase through their return to sport at the highest level.Loren Landow is that person! He is an exceptional Sports Performance coach, he has the ability to analyze and progress athletes through the different phases of the rehabilitation and recognize issues as they arise.I truly admire the skills he has and have the utmost trust in his ability.

      Joanna Goldin
      PT MCSP Physical Therapist for the US Women's Tennis Team MAT(Muscle Activation Techniques)
    • When it comes to understanding how to train athletes for optimal sports performance,Loren is at the top of the game.Loren has a great understanding of biomechanics and how to most effectively progress athletes in order to increase performance levels while reducing risk of injury.His success speaks for itself.I recommend that all my athletes work with Loren!

      Greg Roskopf
      Owner and Developer of MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques)University of Kansas
    • Loren has an unbelievable knowledge base that he draws from to formulate his system of training.As a practitioner, he communicates his expectations, and coaches his athletes with anunmatched level of expertise that has been developed through experience.As an educator, he is equally good at conveying and sharing information to other professionals.

      Luke Bradford
      Strength and Conditioning Coach-University of Kansas Texas A&M Corpus Christi
    • Loren Landow is without question one of the world leading experts in strength and conditioning.Countless times I have witnessed him help the best even get better.As a coach and presenter, he is truly remarkable.If you are serious about improving performance you will attend his events.

      Dr. Jay Dawes
      Assistant Professor Texas A&M Corpus Christi
    • Loren Landow is at the top of his game! His no-nonsense, innovative approach is at the cutting edge-and the results he gets with his athletes speak for themselves.

      Steve Plisk
      Presenter and Author in the Sp orts Performance World